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Kidnapping of an Indigenous Woman

Evidence of Inhumane Treatment and subpar Medical Care at Fulton County Jail
The White House is Property of the Moors
Fax Confirmation of Notice given to U.S. Bond Insurers
Order of Release signed by Karen Smith Woodson on January 30, 2008
Fax sent to Dekalb Superior Court Judge Barbara Mobley
U.S. Export Declaration form 7525-V. Proving the Existence of At-sik-hata Clan Jurisdiction
Inmate request proving There was NO Doctor's Appointment on October 31, 2007, confirmed by Dr. Eagan
United Nations Photo Verification of At-sik-hata Clan Maku (Chief).
Commercial Liquidation Order Faxed to U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson jr.
Letter of Marque from the Chief of the At-sik-hata Clan of Yamassee Native American Moors
Evidence of Inhumane Treatment and subpar Medical Care at Fulton County Jail
Fax Send log - Confirming Communications sent to and received by Proper Authorities
Copy of Fax sent to Sheriff Myron Freeman Mailed to David McNaughton of the Atlanta Journal Const.
Legal Notice of Inhumane Treatment at Fulton County Jail Faxed to U.S. Correctional Authorities
Inhumane Treatment of Diani Bey-El by Fulton County Jail and its Staff
Fax Sent to Fulton County Sheriff Myron Freeman on January 3, 2007; 11:45am(MST)
Full Notice and Knowledge given via Fax
Notice of Commerical Dishonor Faxed to the United States Treasury
No lawful consideration via Federal Reserve Notes
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